The History of Bethany Baptist Church

Below you will find the Historical Addendum of Bethany Baptist Church. Much of this information has been extracted from the Book – Bethany Baptist Church 1848-1998.


April 29, 1848

Under the leadership of Rev. David Cook and Rev. James R. George, 15 people from Rockbridge Baptist Church in the Centerville Community, GA came together to constitute Bethany Baptist Church as a cooperating Southern Baptist Convention church. Seven acres of land were donated by a Mr. Britt for the new church location. Founding Members were: Fielder Maddox, Ford Mason, Willard P. Mason, Henry M. Wells, Jonathon Duck, John P. Maddox, James McDaniel, William H. McDaniel, George B. Hudson, Hugh W. Mills, Sarah Maddox, Nicey Mason, Elizabeth I. (Mason) King, Mary Wells, Susan (Minor) Juhan, Elvina McDaniel, Maliste F. McDaniel, and Sarah E. Hudson.

The first Pastor was Rev. James R. George.


1848 – 1935

James R. George 04/1848-07/1850
Fielder Maddox 07/1850-11/1856S.
B. Churchill 11/1856-11/1859
Jonathan J. Davis 11/1859-11/1864 (Civil War)
S. B. Churchill 11/1864-12/1865 (Civil War)
T. E. Kennerly 12/1865-11/1872
J. W. Webb 11/1872-10/1878
M. Purcell 10/1878-11/1881
A. J. Webb 11/1881-12/1884
J. P. McConnell 12/1884-10/1891
W. L. Singleton 10/1891-12/1893
A. H. Holland 12/1893-09/1899
J. W. Singleton 10/1899-12/1905
W. T. Grenade 12/1905-02/1907
A. C. Shuler 02/1907-07/1907
J. J. Stephenson 07/1907-10/1908
M. D. George 10/1908-10/1910
T. R. Morgan 01/1911-11/1911
E. P. Ewing 11/1911-11/1912
J. D. Settle 11/1912-01/1915 (WWI)
C. W. Johnson 01/1915-01/1916 (WWI)
W. E. Moore 01/1916-12/1918 (WWI)
J. S. Settle 12/1918-01/1921
L. F. Herring 01/1921-01/1927
M. R. Hardegree 10/1927-11/1928
J. B. Brookshire 11/1928-10/1935 (Depression Era)


1935 – Present

L. F. Herring 10/1935-10/1937
H. C. Johnson 10/1937-07/1938
James King 07/1938-09/1939
A. J. Johnson 09/1939-02/1943 (WWII)
A. A. Graves 02/1943-07/1945 (WWII)
Calvin Watson 07/1945-09/1947
A. A. Graves Sep-47
John Adams 1958-1959 (Vietnam)
W. D. Smith 1959-1964 (Vietnam)
Eugene Bowman 1964-1975 (Vietnam)
Alton Wilson 1975-1984
Dr. Gerald Bagwell 1984-1992
Assn Pulpit Supply 1992-1993
Dennis Nunn 1993-2002
Assn Pulpit Supply 2002
Dr. David Mills (interim) 2002-2004
Dr. Joe Davis 03/2004-06-2009
Jim Crutchfield (interim) 06/2009-02/2010
Jim Crutchfield 02/2010-02/2020
Assn Pulpit Supply
Carl Marshall (interim)
Assn Pulpit Supply
Dr. Randy Kennedy

Church Building Programs

Present Chapel

The present Chapel, formerly known as the Youth Ministries Building, was originally built in 1914 when it was the 3rd Worship Center building built by the congregation. It was renovated and updated in 1960 with new carpet and pews. The old pews were sold to the Shiloh Baptist Church congregation.

Present Worship Center

Bethany Baptist Church | Current Worship CenterThe present Worship Center was completed in 1972 under the leadership of Pastor Eugene Bowman. It was renovated and updated with a parlor in the mid 1990’s under the leadership of Pastor Dennis Nunn.

The present Worship Center is highly visible and located at 2306 Bethany Church Road, Snellville, GA 30039.

Present Education Building

The present day Education building was completed in 1958 under the leadership of Pastor John Adams. The second part was completed in 1966.

Bethany Cemetery

The cemetery located on the church property is as old as the church having been begun in 1848. A list of all of the people in the cemetery can be found in the book, Bethany Baptist Church 1848-1998. An irrevocable trust was established in January 1988 by the Deacons of the church, the interest being used for the ongoing upkeep of the cemetery.